Christmas eve for kids

Make Christmas Eve for kids as memorable by starting some new traditions that focus on having fun and spending time with family. Some of these traditions, however, are more adult-centered and young kids especially find it hard to participate in their parent’s idyllic vision of what Christmas Eve should be. For Christmas Eve activities for kids you can ask help of kids to make Reindeer Food Before going to bed on Christmas Eve, have the kids put boots and coats on over their pajamas and head outside to spread reindeer food. For the little kids, continue by telling the story in your own words so that they can understand it. For those parents that choose not to let their children believe in Santa Claus, tell them the story of St.Nicholas When a child really thinks about it, he or she will realize that no one can make it around the world to every home in a night, let alone fly on a sleigh to do it and the good deeds turn into miracles .

One tradition that is a good one to observe on Christmas Eve is for each family member to tell what they appreciate about the holiday season and other family members. Introduce some no-fuss Christmas Eve traditions that kids will enjoy and maybe the parents will be able to rekindle kid inside them too. Christmas Eve party for kids order pizza or Thai food. Fix everyone a cup of hot cocoa or apple cider and sing songs of the season. You can make the Christmas Eve special gifting toys and candy, but as the family continues with the Christmas Eve tradition each year, their thinking will expand to the outside world.

Each person can take a turn starting off the singing of their favorite Christmas carol. By the time the singing and sipping is over, the young ones will be ready for bed and everyone will be full of the Christmas spirit and ready for the big day ahead tomorrow. Yet another reading activity for children involves reading Twas the Night before Christmas just before everyone is ready to go to bed. As children get older and learn to read this is a great story for them to read to the whole family as well. Good holiday movies are another Christmas Eve tradition that can be shared by the family. Listening to stories, Christmas prayers are good ways to bond as a family. These activities will keep families entertained while the clock ticks until Christmas morning.

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