Christmas Eve Traditions

Christmas eve traditions around the world differ but basically everyone want to celebrate Christmas .Traditions help us to prepare to celebrate for Christmas while helping us to remember past Christmas fondly. Few simple traditions, the Christmas Eve service can be one that invigorates the faithful and inspires the newcomers.

Traditional Christmas eve dinner is a special dinners served when a child sees the first star of the evening .foods vary from country to country, but everywhere Christmas Eve dinners are meatless, while Christmas Day is the day of extensive medaling, when Christmas candies, marzipan, oranges, apples, tangerines, nuts, and the cookies baked during Advent are all laid out. According to German Christmas Eve traditions, the nuts are cracked open with a nutcracker shaped like a soldier. Slovakians celebrate Christmas Eve by decorating the Christmas tree and sitting down to a Christmas Eve feast. Unique Slovak Christmas traditions is to after dinner break and share of wafers.

Christmas carp, along with other traditional Slovakian foods, are served during the Christmas Eve dinner.’ Wigilia’ Christmas eve  is the most sacred day in Polands yuletide calendar, culminating  in the breaking of the oplatek blessed wafer and sharing holiday wishes with loved ones, often a deeply emotional moment and most important is a twelve course dinner without meat. Before the banquet begins, pieces of oplatek are handed around, and prayers are said.  In the countryside, farm animals are also given oplatek as it was they who first greeted the baby Jesus. On this night, its believed that the goodly animals talk in human voices. Choinka (The Christmas Tree) Poles are very much attached to the Christmas tree and other tradition like midnight Mass and The Gathering of Kings.


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