Chinese Animal

Chinese New Year is a festival, which calls for a grand celebration as it brings new hopes, aspirations and inspirations along with it. It is also known as the spring festival as with the arrival of this festival it wards off the winter season, blooming into a spring and cheerful season.

The Chinese calendar runs according to a lunar calendar and has a twelve-year cycle. The most exclusive thing about the Chinese New Year calendar is that the twelve years are denoted by the names of the animals. Chinese New Year 2011 was the year of the Rabbit and this year, 2012 it is the year of dragon. In compliance with the acknowledged Chinese myth, a person born under the same animal zodiac that falls in the current year massively influences that person’s behavior, traits and stars.

The folklore articulates that Lord Gautama Buddha had asked all the animals to approach him before he headed off from the earth. As soon as the cat got to know about this, she approached to rat to tell everything about it and the other two animals also decided to go collectively the following day. However, the next morning the rat did not awaken the cat. This is the reason why the cat could not get a year and this proves why cats hate rats.

The rat made it first to happen there with its tricks. As the tale further proceeds, the rat initially asked the ox to carry it on its head and they went together but when they were about to reach the place, the rat with its leaps and bounds got off from the ox’s head and ran towards the finishing line. That is the reason ox happens to be the second year in the Chinese animal calendar.

The congregation of all the year following rat, is as Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. Just twelve animals came to bid farewell to Lord Buddha, which is the reason of being only 12 Chinese animal signs in the zodiac. He gave a token of appreciation by naming a year after year in sequence of their arrival rank known as Chinese animal years; and there after Chinese animal astrology came into existence. The people born under each year share the traits of that particular animal.

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