Chinese dragon

China is entrenched with rich and fabulous history. The dragon is allied with its rich history. The dragon is deemed as the holy animal and even in the past, it was the majestic emblem of Chinese emperors. It is considered as the foremost of the four Divine Creatures of the people of china and the rest others are the unicorn, the phoenix and the tortoise. The dragon of the china is different from that of western. In china dragon is thought to be a beneficent and congenial mortal and even it is worshipped as the heavenly monarch of Lakes, Rivers and Seas. The Chinese dragon dance is authoritative yet moderate and is considered as the bringer of the rain in the summer season.

It is one of the most admired Chinese art ornamentation, being carved on rock pillars of the Chinese temples.  As anticipated by the people of china, it carries the head of a camel, the horns of a deer, fiery eyes of lion and a long beard of a Sheppard. It has ears of a cow, paws of a tiger and claws of an eagle. Its neck is like that of a serpentine; a belly like a frog and the scales like that of a carp. According to the Chinese myths and legends, the Dragon first appeared in the sky whilst a beneficiary to the throne was born thereafter. Thus, the country was sanctified with tranquility and opulence for generations. Consequently, the Dragon also believed to be a symbol of good fortune.

In parades also, the dragon appears, performs its twist, and turns in quest of a costumed figure. The creature’s actions and reactions are in the hands of the leader who maneuvered the "pearl".

In compliance with the Chinese calendar, the people born under this year are lucky and famous. It is believed that the year you were born has an influence over your personality. Therefore, the people born in the year of dragons are softhearted, healthy, respected, energetic, and eccentric, gifted, intelligent, tenacious, willing, dauntless, dynamic and delightful and generous.

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