Chinese Masks

The vivid and vibrant celebrations for the Chinese New Year last for about a month and conclude on a sweet and a bright note by celebrating the lantern (Yuanxiao) festival. The making and wearing of masks is one of the conventional celebrations in the Chinese culture.

In china, masks have played an important role in the celebrations, especially the New Year celebrations. This tradition is being followed since times immemorial. The masks personify the baffled faces that were served as the totems and the heavenly blessings for the locals of china. These masks were offered prayers as to help people to overcome the misfortunes and evils, these faces were supposed to have the magical powers.

Moreover, these Chinese New Year Masks history exhibits the thoughts and sentiments of happiness allied to the festival. In the celebration these masks and the activities related to it plays an important role and add hues to the celebration making it livelier. In addition, colors are the essence of the Chinese culture and red stands out to be as the prominent color as it is deemed by the Chinese people that it is a symbol of happiness, good-luck and fortune. This tradition even distinguishes them as the great collectors and creators of the art.

The masks are taken as the pictograms for the peace and prosperity. While following this tradition for the chains of years, now it has an artistic value and it is an exclusive element of the Chinese culture. Thus, this tradition of Chinese New Year brings fun, happiness, excitement, joy and loads of fun filled activities along with it. The Chinese masks for kids are very popular in China.

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