Chinese New Year Celebration Around the World

Chinese New Year is the most imperative and imperial occasion of the conventional Chinese holidays. In China, it is also considered as "Spring Festival," as the literal meaning of the Chinese term (Pinyin: Chun Jié), due to the differentiation amid Western and traditional Chinese ways for calculating the seasons.

 It symbolizes the closing stages of the frosty season, bringing in the Western carnival. The festival commences on the first day of the first month itself (Chinese: ??; pinyin: Zheng Yuè) in the conventional Chinese calendar and concludes with Lantern Festival which falls on the day 15 with the brightest moon at the night. Chinese New Years Eve is the most awaited occasion in the Chinese calendar. It is a day of the annual get-together for the Chinese people paving a way to the thanks giving and reunion party concluding with a dinner, is also known as Chú Xi and if decoding in English it is the "Eve of the Passing Year". Since, the Chinese calendar is lunisolar the Chinese New Year is also called as the "Lunar New Year". It is also considered as the way of honoring ancestors and Gods.

Chinese New Year is the lengthiest and most vital celebration in the Chinese calendar. Since times immemorial, its origin is known and followed and is popularized due to various myths and traditions.  The five essential elements are pooled with the animal symbols, and a sixty-year lunar calendar is created out of it. Chinese months are deemed to be, work according to the lunar calendar, by each month commencing with the darkest day proceeding towards the blooming and spring days.

This great and grand festival is not only celebrated on China but across the world with great zest and zeal and is celebrated with their local traditions.

New Year Celebration in Brazil is a great venture as the whole of Brazil engross deep in the tide of the Chinese New Year celebration. In Brazil, the biggest celebration is seen in Rio de Janeiro. Like in china here also the preparations starts days before only and fireworks are the common and the most prominent part of the scene.

The celebration is followed by dinners, which has Brazilian menus including farofa, salads, rice, chicken and marajucá mousse on the platter. Music and dance also play a major role. Some cities host musical concerts, dance performances, and special art shows as a part of the celebration. Before the New Year starts, people gather around beaches, follow the traditional jumps for seven times, and haul flowers in the waters of the beach and wish for a happy beginning.

In Hong Kong, the International Chinese New Year Parade is necessary-attend, which is escorted by the fireworks.

In Singapore, the colossal night parade and stunning fireworks are a common and an obvious view. Riverside carnival with cultural performances, performances, lighted Chinatown and pyrotechnic floats are among the celebrations.

Chinese New Year Celebrations is in conjunction with Southeast Asia as in Penang it is celebrated with great passion. The celebration of the occasion features the historical elements of the clans of Chinese, as they understand their traditions and values.

Chinese New Year in Sydney is regarded as the largest celebration outside Asia. The parade is the most exciting part.

Chinese New Year Celebrations in UK and its various cities like London etc. is acknowledged for the special colossal parades. Manchester holds the great Golden Dragon Parade and people from different cities become the part of the celebration.

Chinese New Year in Paris makes a cultural celebration as Paris has a great French-Chinese community, so Chinese New Year becomes as one of the citys most admired annual events, with a parade and extraordinary performances.

During the Chinese New Year, grand preparations become the first and the common part in Canada. Social parties in club, bars, and discotheques, people are a common part of the celebrations. Grand feasts and fiesta is a must-must thing in Canada. Parties bursting with great music, great dishes, and vibrant drinks are mandatory for the feasts. Everyone indulges in eating, drinking, singing, and dancing all through the night till dawn to welcome the forthcoming year. Fireworks are again a common view.

In accordance with the rest of France, Paris also experiences a whole month celebration for New Year or can say St. Cathedral, commencing from January 1st to February 1st.

New Year celebrations are being held in the bone-chilling winters. The temperature itself rises with the hot parties held for the celebrations. The major parties are in Moulin Rouge, Trocadero, Sacre Coeur, and the world eminent Eiffel Tower. Music, dance, drinks and fiesta are a common and obvious part of the celebration.

Chinese New Year has entered its way to arrive and just stepping in. so, geared up and just be ready to give a warm welcome to the cming year so that it may bring you all luck and happiness. 

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