Chinese New Year Dates

In 2011, February 3rd happened to be the first day of the Chinese New Year. that was the Chinese year of 4709.  The lunar calendar reckons the Chinese months and its festivals falls accordingly and each month starts with the darkest day towards the lighted and bright days. Traditionally, New Year festivities start, when moon happens to be in a full bloom and is usually the first day of the month till fifteenth of the month. In china, the preparations for the New Year start a month before as it is considered to be the most celebrated festival. People take off from work for a few couple days so as to prepare for and celebrate the New Year.

The people in china get into full swing to Breathe Fire into the New Year. According to the myths and legends of the Chinese culture, the years of the zodiac were decided by Buddha as he called the animals to meet him before his departure from the earth, the animals came one after another and Buddha announced the years by the names of the animals that came to meet him, according to their ranks. It is said that people born under the respective years have the traits of those animals.

Animal  Branch                        Dates
Rabbit   Mao       February 16 1999  February 3 , 2011

Dragon Chen    February 5 , 2000    January 23 , 2012

Snake   Si       January 24 , 2001    February 10 , 2013

Horse   Wu      February 12 , 2002   January 31 , 2014

Got      Wei      February 1 , 2003    February 19 , 2015

Monky  Shen    January 22 , 2004   February 8 , 2016

Rooster  You    February 9 , 2005    January 28 , 2017

Dog    Xu         January 29 , 2006   February 16 , 2018

Pig    Hai         February 18th , 2007  February 5 , 2019

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