Chinese New Year Dress

Chinese New Year Dress is a form of expressing cultural individuality. As this festival brings all the traditions and cultures on a same platform and display it and making its mark in the world. The Chinese New Year highlights that this 15 days long festival is all enveloped with Chinese traditions, myths and cultures. The people in china follow and admire these traditions. In China, the way of clothing is so much observed, as it signifies a person’s social status.

The tradition of the Chinese clothing withstands and silhouettes the ancient Chinese clothing form, as during those times there was a mix match of the colors and combinations. The ancient style of clothing was a fine blend of simplicity and contemporary fashion.

The Chinese New Year involves a flurry of activities and spending time and money, on new clothes is a common tradition observed and loved in china. Chinese New Year Dress in a true sense is a replica of time-honored combination of classiness and convention.

Embroidery on clothes is much liked by both men and women in china. The designs on the clothes are usually good luck and mythological ones. There is a wide range of the types of clothes for women in china as you can see from cheongsams, qipaos, mandarin blouses to jackets and pants, where as for men it includes Mandarin shirts with Mandarin collars, Dragon shirts, Kung Fu suits & Chinese coats.

These Chinese New Year dresses for girls as well boys are complemented with some chic accessories and are popular among the people in china. There are special Chinese New Year dresses for kids as well. The jewelry is studded with the precious stones and feathers, accentuating the exquisiteness of the Chinese New Year Dress. In the olden times, the two most admired and accepted by men were belts hooks and plaques, whilst amid women there were common and popular hairstyles with pins.

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