Chinese New Year Gifts

New Year festival is the greatest festival in china. The people in china put on their shoes a month before the day, when the New Year is falling, each year. As this is considered as the most important occasion for the people of china, therefore it calls for lot of things to be done for the occasion.

The people in china believe that the New Year brings in all the good luck, happiness, peace and prosperity in their lives. As in their due excitement, they exchange gifts to each other and through these gifts; they send and receive the best wishes of the New Year.

In China, there is a variety of gifts available in the markets during this season. The gifts for the New Year are usually represents peace, prosperity, harmony and good luck in life. Here below are some of the appropriate and admired Chinese New Year gift ideas that the recipient will surely love it.   

Chinese paper lanterns: These lanterns not only decorate the homes but also bring in the light to the homes. There are various varieties of lanterns available in the markets with different shapes, sizes and colors.

Chinese abundance hangers: These are also considered wonderful gifts to be given and exchanged on the occasion of new year.

Gifts of money: The elders give this gift to the children on the eve of the New Year, in the red and golden envelopes called Lai See.

Chinese money plants: these care believed to be the magical spiral that ward s off the evil spirits and bring in the positivity and prosperity.

Then, there are other common Chinese new year gifts to exchange on this grand festivity, like
Jewelry, Keepsake boxes, Buddha statues, Jade carvings; Chinese porcelain fruit bowls and vases, Hand-painted glasses, Flowers, Gift baskets.

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