Chinese New Year Lion

The Chinese New Year paves way to a cornucopia of celebrations, commemorating prehistoric customs and cultures with great fun and joy. The forces of the moon are in the full bloom on the first day of the Chinese New Year season.

In china, The New Year season is the most estimated holiday season of the year. This is largely due to the 15-day long celebration with a flurry of activities, encompassing fun, colors, traditions etc. There are a myriad of symbolic celebrations from the records of ancient Chinese traditions that are displayed on the streets. Amongst all the important symbols of the Chinese New Year is the lion, which is present in an only one of its kind and fascinating form during the New Year merriment.

The activity of the Chinese New Year lion dance is among the major one. The event of the lion dance can be traced from the olden times and it still embraces an important place in the Chinese customs. The activity of lion dance is swathed with legends and myths that create fascinating sagas.

In compliance with the Chinese historical documentation, there are numerous stories and the tale concerning lion is that once a lion emerged in a village in china. Then, suddenly a kung fu expert came into the scene and combat with the lion in the forest. Finally, the lion was slaughtered in the forest. The lion dance was thus, originated and it is rejoiced on the victory over the monster.

The lion dance is the most popular dance in china as it is performed on other celebrations also. Due to its popularity in china, people especially kids are fond of the lion, thus on the special occasions, Chinese new year lion masks and Chinese new year lion costumes become a common purchase. The lion is deemed as a symbol of happiness and joy. It is performed on the forth day from the full moon night.

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