Chinese New Year Party Decoration

Chinese New Year comes with an aura of wishes, sanguinity, glee, and exoticism. There is lot to be done on this one of the most admired festival, and many family and social activities takes place during this holiday time of year. The New Year season and wonderful celebration with family, relatives and friends, bestow a buoyant and blissful touch in the relationship with each of these.

The Chinese New Year marks as the first date of the lunar calendar, which pays tribute to the intensity of the Chinese ethnicity and folklore. In China, the New Year is the most awaited time as the family members congregates at each other’s places, for carousing and share meals on the New Years Eve and offer prayers to the souls of their ancestors. This is a time for meeting and greeting each other and giving wishes to each other for the year ahead. Decorations always play an elementary role in the celebrations.

A colossal clean up ought to be done prior to the arrival of the New Year. Cleaning of the house from head to toe should be carried out to ward off the filth and misfortunes of the passing year.  Render the doors and the windowpanes with the new coating of the red paint as red is thought to be a lucky and fortunate color.

For the Chinese New Year party decorations ideas, the most sought after theme bounds to be of red and gold, as these colors are considered to be as the colors of good luck and happiness. Render the ambience a festive mood with bright and vibrant colors along with some good music, scented candles and some fireworks.

You can add masks and spring couplets around the homes as it is considered to be as one of the auspicious symbols attracting good luck, happiness, peace and prosperity.

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