Chinese New Year Poster

Chinese New Year takes its position with the full moon night and ends on the full moon night.  The carnival is celebrated for the 15 consecutive days. In china, it is considered the most grandiose festival thus; it stands out as the most awaited festival by everybody.

It is also called the spring season as it starts with ending the winters. The Chinese New Year is connected with the lunar-solar calendar and is followed accordingly. This time calls for honoring the divine deities and the ancestors combining it with a family reunions and family dinners.

The Chinese New Year holds a great history as it unfolds the myths and traditions of china. The Chinese New Year is analogous to the Western one, enveloped with traditions and practices. The instigation of the Chinese New Year is centuries old that it cannot be even traced, although it is celebrated and followed with the same traditions and ceremonies. Obviously if it is a grand festival there is need to give a start to the preparations days before only. Therefore, month before only people, indulge in the preparations of the celebration. As this day calls for the family meet-and-greet occasion, party, fun and feasts.

The Chinese New Year Poster design considers special type of art that displays a time-honored history of china. Chinese New Year calls for a cornucopia of activities and arrangements. Having Chinese New Year posters on the walls of the homes is one of the Chinese traditions that are being followed, since chins of years. For the people of china celebrations on the New Year without the posters is like a day without sunshine.

These posters and pictures convey the best wishes for the year ahead. This tradition was originated during the Ming dynasty century. It is featured as the local colloquial. The poster portrays the social life of china. There are all the creatures and things of the daily life as it has historical stories, door gods, fairy tales, folk stories and customs, lucky mascots of birds and flowers, scenes of production and labor, humorous scenes to current affairs, Chinese New Year Posters depicted almost everything.

With time, these posters have become as an important ingredient of the decoration boasting the Chinese culture and traditions.

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