Chinese New Year Traditions

Traditions of Chinese New Year,red packets,Red envelopes

Chinese New Year is the lengthiest and most vital celebration in the Chinese calendar. Since times immemorial, its origin is known and followed and is popularized due to various myths and traditions.  The five essential elements are pooled with the animal symbols, and a sixty-year lunar calendar is created out of it. Chinese months are deemed to be, work according to the lunar calendar, by each month commencing with the darkest day proceeding towards the blooming and spring days.

 New Year festivities traditionally start on the first day of the month and continue until the fifteenth, when the moon is observed brightest at night. In China, it is celebrated in a grand manner as days before only people start indulging in the preparations of New Year.

As it is a time of get-togethers and shared feasts, starts with a grand banquet on New Years Eve. This 15-day carnival is celebrated with great enthusiasm leading it to the final day, the 15th day of the first lunar month and is known to be celebrated as the Lantern Festival. As the name itself depicts, so it is obvious of including the decorated lanterns in different designs. As some of the lanterns are the pieces of art, some painted with zodiac signs, birds, animals, flowers and outlook from the myths of olden times fetching the traditional and folklore elements.

The Chinese New Year is akin to the western one as it is also wrapped with the traditions and customs. According to the traditions of Chinese New Year, This day is considered as the most auspicious as people in china believe that this day fetches good luck, happiness and prosperity. They clean up their homes from top to bottom, new paints on the doors and windowpanes, put up new clothes preferably red colored. Then lanterns are very important as the Chinese New Year concludes with celebrating the lantern festival with lantern parades.

 The exchange of gifts is also a tradition similar to the western tradition, but here people prefer to wrap the gifts in the red colored wrapping papers, red envelopes and red packets. On this day, special prayers are performed and a special tray of togetherness is served filled with sweets. This day also calls for the family get-togethers and family feasts. The entire city is ornamented with lights and decorating stuff. At night, the entire sky is bejeweled by the fireworks.

The beginning of a new year carries happiness, new hopes and inspirations along with itself. The country is lighted up to brush away all the evils and bad luck from the lives and bringing in the peace and optimism. In china, these all traditions are pursued in concord with the celebrations of the New Year.

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