Chinese Newyear Food

Chinese are known to be foodie people and are passionate lovers of food, especially when it comes to delicious food. Not even in china and among Chinese people, but the whole world relish the Chinese food and is loved by all age groups. Even though, the rest of the world considers only few things that are common; and stands as Chinese foodstuff. When you think about Chinese food, just a few eateries like fried rice, Manchurian, choupsey, noodles and chicken comes to the mind. However, there is a wide range in the varieties

As the great, Confucius has stated "Eating is the utmost important part of life".  This statement is widely followed by the Chinese people, as they believe to have contentment by having good food. May be that is why the Chinese food. The recipes are so damn delicious that no one can resist it and these lavish recipes make everybody feel happy and out of this world.

The Chinese New Year food and recipes spice up the life with its flavors. There are numerous types of Chinese New Year dishes in the Chinese New Year menu, out of which we have congregated some of them, so that you can pick out from these and have in this New Year.

Northern Cuisine: In the northern part of china, wheat is considered an important part of food. Thus, dishes like pancakes, noodles, dumplings and steamed breads are usually made. Beijing Duck is another favorite dish in here. The other dishes employ the seafood like sharks fin, scallops, oysters’ porgy and conch.

The Cantonese Cuisine: This is known for the natural flavors, quality and color of the dish. Its main ingredients are plum sauce, oyster sauce and the shrimp paste.

Eastern Cuisine: This mainly considers seafood, vegetables, crab-roe dumplings, Mandarin fish, deep-fried whitebait and Lions Head meatballs. Beggars Chicken is another popular dish, prepared by stuffing the chicken with pork, vegetables and spices and then chicken is cooked in clay.

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