Religious Christmas Books

Christmas is a festival of Christians. The reason of Christmas celebration is in the Christian religion. The religious story of Christmas is the reason for Christmas celebration. There are many religious Christmas books that educate us about Christianity and Christmas. Xmas religious books contain good Christian literature that gives us cultural knowledge of Christianity and Christmas celebrations.

Religious books for Christmas tell us the story of Christmas and several miracles done by Jesus Christ. The Christmas religious books for kids are specially written in easy to understand the story of Christmas and of Jesus Christ. We should gift our children these books to educate them about the Christianity so that they can learn the Christian culture. These books make them know the religious aspect of their greatest festival and the true story of Christmas. The religious stories and meditations of these books make the kids know the real meaning of Christmas. You can buy one of such books to your kid from a christmas religious books store. You can also buy such books online from internet.

A list of such religious Christmas books is given below.

  1. Christmas Tapestry by Patricia Polacco
  2. The Baby Who Changed the World by Sheryl Ann Crawford
  3. The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey     
  4. The Christmas Story: According to the Gospels of Matthew and Luke from the King James Version     by Gennadii Spirin
  5. The Crippled Lamb by Max Lucado, Liz Bonham
  6. The Greatest Gift: A Christmas Story by Melody Carlson
  7. Shepherds Abiding
  8. Christmas With Dietrich Bonhoeffer  published by Augsburg Fortress Pub
  9. Love Found a Way: Stories of Christmas by Ron Mehl
  10. Christmas Stories for the Heart by Alice Gray

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