Christmas Day

Christmas is has ever been observed on December 25. 25th December which is better known as Xmas day in whole world, celebrated with so much of exhilaration.  People start preparing for this day in few days advance, they clean their houses, putting lighting, and start visiting the market so that they can the best decoration material and put Christmas tree at home and garnish it with all Christmas ornaments like lights, ribbons, balloons and on Christmas day they wish each other merry Christmas day.

Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrating the auspicious birth of Jesus Christ, perhaps the most eminent and admired festival of Christians of all across the world. Embellishment of  houses and yards with lights, setting up of Christmas trees, and sending gifts and greeting cards have been common now as a custom traditions even for many non-Christians.

People go to churches on this day do prays, say thanks to god for all the good things & time he has given them and pray for the well being of everybody, wishing coming year to be more prosperous and full of happiness, sing merry Christmas day carols, blow candles and return home.

In the third century, people endeavor to find out the exact date of the Nativity, but could found only December 25 of the year 336 being the date of the festival set in commemoration of Jesus birth. Pope Julius officially elected December 25 as the day of Christmas in 349 A.D. The exact date of the birth of Jesus Christ is not known, but we celebrate it on 25th December as was declared by Bishop of Rome.
Christmas day is the day, when miracles do happen and dreams do come true. Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ inborn a new change to the lives of people. Christmas Day is the most miraculous occasion of the year a worldwide celebration; it is all around the globe celebrated. Christmas has become a truly global festival.

However, the followers of Orthodox Churches, the Armenian Apostolic Church, and the Armenians of Jerusalem celebrate Christmas on January 6th or 7th, or on January 19th. And this year it is predicted to be on 7th of January. The Christmas season is fêted with grand vehemence and verve in diverse ways depending upon regions and countries of all over the world. The alluring Christmas decorations make peoples’ mood cheerful and celebratory. Gift giving, champagne, music, dance, and satiating feast, are expected part of extravagant Christmas celebrations.

Christmas is both a sacred religious holiday and a worldwide cultural and commercial phenomenon. For two millennia, people around the world have been observing it with traditions and practices that are both religious and secular in nature. Merry Christmas in India is also celebrated with same spirit and enthusiasm as Indian celebrate other festivals, merry charismas day was full of fun, in whole world it was celebrated with full on bang, people did awesome decoration with Christmas tree at home, they threw party at home invited them and enjoyed a lot, for xmas day special menu is selected people prefer to have chicken and wine on this day, party and dancing are continued till the next day morning everybody enjoying this day because this is most awaited festival of the year for everyone so they always try to have fun as much as they can get with their loved ones. Children wait for Santa Claus on this day and expect best gift from him.

People love everything about Christmas Day - the nativity scene, caroling, scripture reading and concerts. As the November approaches, the air fills up with Christmas ecstasies. Lights bedeck and enlighten the cities along with glittery ornaments etc. Exchanging of gifts, beautification of Christmas trees, attending church, get together, and of course having eyes on Santa Claus these are the popular and expected customs of Christmas. In United States, December 25–Christmas Day–has been a declared federal holiday since 1870.

On the final day there is a mid-night mass, followed by ringing of the bells ushering in the New Year.

Christmas Day

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