Christmas in Africa

Christianity reached to Africa in the middle of the 1st centaury, in 1990 there were 9 million, it increased in 2000 to 380 million and now it is expected to reach on 633 million in 2025. Christmas Celebration in Africa is similar to other country it is very excited but rather than any other thing Africans most emphasis on spending time together, so whenever they get time like this vacation or any other occasion they like to spend time with their friends and family, eating together, singing, dancing and all.

In meal they prefer to have non vegetarian food like goat, beef, chicken, bread, jam rice, ugali, okra soup, fufu and many more, this is the traditional food but not possible for everyone to have it, Africans who are not good in wealth go for chicken with chapatti, ugali and fufu. We can have so many orphanages in Africa so these children have this food as a Christmas gift the next day of Christmas party.

African Christmas tradition is basically to follow the same rule to help others and teach your children always be thankful to god for whatever he has given, always help other, be blessed with the sweet memories of previous year and good wishes for coming year.

So Christmas in Africa is celebrate with same thing with remembrance of Jesus Christ and people go to churches for pray and in the evening they have their special Christmas dinner but Africans believe in Do not waste so they do party for Christmas but accordingly.

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