Christmas in Austria

Christmas day is a family affair which is celebrated on wide scale with lots of happiness and it is most awaited day and basically famous as this is the festival start up. This festival is all about celebration with family, friends and relatives, having get together at home after a long time, putting Christmas tree at home, decoration of tree with best options available, gift selection, gift wrapping, special meals preparation and many more.

According to Austrian Christmas traditions Santa visits children on 4th December as a pair with devil. Both asks the children if they been good or bad, if they answer bad or mischievous during the year then knect ruprecht better known as devil punish the child with  a stick . On Santa Nicolas day or Christmas day they return and award children with gifts such as candy, toffees.

A common Austrian Christmas tradition is Turmblasen where at church steeple or towers brass instruments are played, so that the music can be on ear of every people of village. Another Christmas custom is showing the Christ child, this is carried by manager from home to home by singing Christmas carols.

25th and 26th December are legal christmas holidays in Austria and people have more time to spend with their families and enjoy the festival inside and outside Austria. People like to visit new places or their relatives to whom they have met on last Christmas so they like to spend quality time with them and celebrate Christmas and memorize the last Christmas and wish for coming year to be wonderfully and prosperous for all.

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