Christmas in Belgium

Like other countries Belgium is also having very unique style of celebrating Christmas, Christmas celebration in Belgium is very excited and people come across the world to celebrate this festival with their family and beloved ones to experience this breathtaking beautiful country celebrations. People put Christmas trees at home do the best decorations with ribbons, gifts, lights and other items, every house seems very beautiful and elite. As per Belgian Christmas Tradition there are two Santa Claus, St. Nicholas is known as Santa internationally and Pere Noel is Belgium’s Santa.

St. Nicholas visits and say hello to those who speak the Walloon language on the other side Pere Noel visits those who speaks French, if Belgium children behave throughout the year good and sincere then they receive their favorite chocolate from Pere, however for naughty one’s pere has a bunch of wooden sticks, so parents always teach their children to behave in good and sincere manner in whole year to get reward from Pere Noel.

Special cakes and pastries are baked on Christmas in Belgium, and distributed among young and adults, Christmas celebration in Belgium or any other country is incomplete without drinks, they start the party with prayer and thank god for all the well being of everybody, have snacks and drinks in the starting, then adults like to dance and young like to do fireworks and crackers. Preparation of special meals like sea food, meat, snacks and sweets. Everybody try to have good time and wish prosperity for coming year for everyone and wish for happiness and good life ahead.

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