Christmas in Brazil

Portuguese is the official language of brazil, Portuguese is the only local language used in daily life and brazil is only Portuguese speaking country in south America. Christmas in brazil is most important dia de festers of the year, according to some Brazilian legends animals also talk about Christ Jesus birth with each other. Christmas in brazil comes in summer so weather is very hot but there is no compromise on the celebration side they people celebrate it with same enthusiasm and spirit but because of summers Christmas father who is called papai noel dressed in silk red suit with shoes and bag full of gifts for children.

Brazil is a big country and mix of different people so Christmas celebration in Brazil is also unique, as per some Brazilian Christmas traditions some like to build nativity scene at home which describe in sketch the birth of Jesus this Christmas scene called Presepio. Now these presepio are built in December and easily available in market, churches, houses and stores are display these presepio in few days advance. In January presepio, Christmas tree and other things dissemble from the churches and houses.  

Food is totally depend upon their financial situation people who having good money would like to spend in large and have roasted turkey, vegetables, fish and fruits with cake and sweets but poor celebrate it with limited expenditure and spend on chicken and rice as their special feast.

Unfortunately not every child get the gift from Santa as they wish to get one from the papai noel, for fulfilling their wish they try to get some charity from the people who are willing to do so and try to give gifts to street children as their Christmas gift.

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