Christmas in Bulgaria

Christmas in Bulgaria is celebrated on 25th December which is quite unexpected, as being a orthodox country and as per the tradition Christmas should be celebrated on 6th January. Bulgaria orthodox churches follow the Gregorian calendar.

Christmas celebrations in Bulgaria is most popular one and if anyone visit this place during Christmas month then sofia Christmas market is the ideal place to visit for travelers as it is most famous market of the country, this is full of lights, gift and attracted attires with some different traditional things. As per some legends mary was in labor from December 20 till the birth of Jesus Christ so 20th December is the only day of st. ignat.

As per some Bulgarian Christmas traditions Christmas carolers or koledari go from house to house, these group of carolers made up of young men who dressed in traditional custom which vary from region to region. This tradition is basically said to protect from evil sprit, they people are rewarded with food in return of their services. Bulgarians have special food on the day of Christmas as special feast which contain pork meat, cakes, pastries, fish, rice, sweets, snacks and drinks. Before starting their dinner they go to church and participate in carols and other rituals and after that celebrations start at the mid night and continue till next day, dancing, games, competition makes this day more important and enthusiastic, people enjoy so much and atlast pray to god for the good being of everybody.

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