Christmas In Canada

Christmas celebration in Canada starts with exchanging of gifts, after that people go to churches and in the evening having dinner. Christmas dinner’s menu is very special activity of this festival they have drinks, meats, fish, pastries. People put Christmas tree at home before a week and decorate it with so many Christmas ornaments, purchase gifts from the markets for friends & family wrap it with gift paper and put the same on Christmas tree, open it on Christmas evening only and Santa clause is the only person who distribute the gifts in party or family so it’s a surprise for everybody.

christmas in canada traditions is not a religious festival but community festival, Canadians celebrate it with the same spirit as united state people do. It is the most favorite festival of Canadians and this is called to be an occasion to spread friendship, love and brotherhood among all, Canada has multi cultural atmosphere, we cant get good numbers of Christian in Canada so the way of celebrating xmas holidays canada is also different, Canadians in city participate in celebration like Americans where as Eskimos like to go for sinck tuck by singing songs in groups taking part in social dance and gift exchanging unlike nova scota people who like to sing carols in early morning of Christmas day.

Most of the poeple like to eat turkey food as their Christmas dinner, which includes a meat pie, fish, cookies, pastry, cakes and drinks and Mostly childrens enjoy christmas in canada kids.

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