Christmas in Central America

Christmas is most awaited and important festival in Central America which is celebrated with so much of excitement and religious passion. During the Christmas in Central America Markets seems to be very attractive and beautiful before three weeks of Christmas roads, shops, houses and markets are beautifully decorated and people like to visit markets to see the upcoming fresh material and other ornaments. Christmas tree are available on every shop with different style people select the most attractive one and decorate it with all the Christmas ornaments like ribbons, lights, gifts and other things. The whole country seems to be enveloped in Christmas preparation and celebration. The unique part of this celebration is Santa Claus is not come to distribute gifts to children instead gifts brought by baby Jesus while they are sleeping.

Christmas celebration in Central America is celebrated on 24th December instead of 25th December; they have lavished dinner on this day. As per Central America Christmas Tradition, Celebration start on 6th of December in Nicaragua and the very next day La Purisima or the conception of Virgin Mary is celebrated, on this day all young people sing holy hymns. In churches and houses along with Christmas tree they put nativity scenes also to describe the birth of Jesus Christ.

Like wise people invite friends and family at home and celebrate Christmas with huge parties, go to church sing carols, offer prays to god for happiness and good health for everyone, cake cutting, celebration with cocktail & snacks, dancing, games and competition and party continue till next morning. People spend quality time with friends and families have good fun, dinner and blast.

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