Christmas in Czech Republic

Christmas celebration in Czech Republic is start in the mid of November, people clean up their houses; wash their cartoons & carpets, furniture dusted. Markets are decorated at the fullest, new and fresh stuff arrived with discount and other benefits, Christmas trees are the most common part of celebration so it is easily available throughout the market, people start visiting markets to get the most uncommon decoration material for houses or Christmas tree and Christmas party.

As per the Christmas tradition in Czech republic on every 4th December, young girls of marriageable age cut a twig from cherry tree and put it in water and if it blooms by Christmas eve, that girl supposed to be get married in the coming one year. Few days before festival people start visiting markets and bring the gifts and cards for relatives and friends, on the day of Christmas they send and give cards and gifts to their beloved ones. This festival is bringing happiness because on the vacation people meet each other after long time as they can’t get time because of their busy schedules. During Christmas in Czech Republic everybody decorate their houses as beautifully as they can with lights and put Christmas tree at home and also decorate it with best options available, for decoration fruits such as apple, nuts, craft and glasses are used to give more beauty to Christmas tree.

Visit of Father Christmas who is known as svaty mikalas in Czech Republic is expected on 6th December specially children wait for him on 25th December to get gifts from him.

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