Christmas in Denmark

Christmas in Denmark is celebrated on 25th December but they people wish each other Glaedelig Jul or God jul which means Mary Christmas and happy new year as og godt nytar. As per Danish Christmas traditions, in Denmark most of the people go to church on Christmas evening participate in other activities and like to listen Christmas story, when they get home the main Christmas meal is eaten between 6pm to 8 pm and it served and decorated beautifully. After completing the dinner most of the people like to do dance around the Christmas tree and after that open their gifts.

Most of the families like to have ris a la mande which is special kind of rice pudding contains milk, ice, vanilla, almonds and whipped cream as a dessert. All of the almonds used in the pieces except one and the person who gets this whole almond get the price.
Children wait for Santa Claus known as Julemanden, he almost looks like Santa, he lived in Greenland and likes to eat rice pudding, children believe Santa can come any day and he will greet them Mery Christmas and also give them gifts of their choices as per their letter to Santa.

As per other countries Christmas celebration in Denmark is also like Families have parties at home, relatives, friends and families are invited on this day and they people try to good valuable time together, have special dinner, dance, other competitions and lots of enjoyments which they continue till next day morning.

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