Christmas in East Asia

Christmas is very famous festival in East Asian countries like China, Japan and Korean as these countries have so many followers of Christianity. Christmas celebrations in east Asia countries are little different from others but enthusiasm and sprit is same, like others they also put Christmas tree at home and also call it tree of light, give it the most beautiful look with the help of  decorations like craft, papers, ribbons, attractive lights.

Like Chinese celebrate this festival as sheng dan jieh which states holy birth festival these people also follow the same things as like others. As Japanese having less than 1% christen but still the celebration of this day in this country is also similar as like other country, it is very famous festival in china and they people baked special cake topped it with white cream and strawberry. There is no special Christmas meal is followed instead they believe in helping poor and do charities work, but with influence of American, gift exchanging and cards are becoming a part of celebration.

Christmas in Celebration East Asia, also celebrate this festival with lots of happiness and zeal, exchanging gifts and celebration with cake, children wait for Santa Claus or Santa Haraboji in Korea for gifts and toffees. As per East Asian Christmas Traditions they also go to churches for prays and Christmas carols. In Vietnam Christmas is counted as most fourth popular festival, catholic churches are decorated beautifully with nativity scenes all around. They people follow special meal like chicken soup, turkey and Christmas pudding. These people decorate the Christmas tree as per European customs.

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