Christmas in England

From the last decades celebration of Christmas is became wider, people plan grand feast, music and entertainment like dance, games, competition and invite all guests and relative to whom they never saw  at any other time. Before people use to exchange cards New Year wishes or Christmas cards but now the trends has been changed, with cards they prefer giving gifts.

As like other, celebration of Christmas in England is also start from Putting up Christmas tree indoor or outdoor, decoration of tree as well as houses with all the ornaments, gift wrapping make this festival more excited. Earlier children use to write letters to Santa and left those letters to chimney so that whenever Santa come he can collect the letters and got the children wishes, but now no body following this tradition people are more interested to go out for parties with friends late in the night and come back next day.

According to traditions St. Augustine landed on his shores with the message of Christianity on his lips from then onwards Christmas celebration in UK start up with same tradition and people put up Christmas trees at home before Christmas and decorate it with all the attractive materials, singing carols with candles and the tradition Christmas dinner is also mouthwatering which contains dishes roasted turkey with vegetables and sauces and dessert is very rich in taste which is basically a fruity pudding made in home or from outside.

After celebrating Christmas in United Kingdom the day after Christmas is called Boxing day , named because of young boys used to go and collect money in clay boxes. This is the bank holiday in England and usually falls on weekend.

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