Christmas in Finland

Finland is the home of Santa, and every finnish child knows that Santa lives in the mountain of korvatunturi in the town of savukoski. Children wait for Santa with excitement as they know Finland is the first place where Santa visit during Christmas days. Christmas celebration in Finland starts from 24th December to 26th December. It is most awaited festival and people clean their houses, and decorate it as much as beautiful they can with lights and Christmas trees. Preparation of special meal, like rice pudding in the breakfast, and in dinner turkey, meat, rice, fish, baking cake, pastries and many more things are selected to entertain guests.

Xmas in Finland is celebrate with family and friends at home, so they give party at home, they arrange a big Christmas tree in the dinning room and decorate it with all the ornaments for this they visit markets almost on every day to take the latest options available, for party special menu is selected, dance competition, games and other activities are planned, invitation to friends and families sent, before starting the party pray to god is required in which everybody thanks to god for good time and wish for the coming year to be happy and prosperous and good health for everybody after that they continue with other activities cake cutting celebration and party continues till next day.

As per Finnish Christmas traditions after Christmas lunch they like to go for sauna bath which sounds like the best Christmas tradition and called the nice way to ease tension before guests come to dinner.

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