Christmas in France

Christmas in France is celebrated on 25th December which is a bank holiday in this country, Christmas celebration in France is depend upon the region, as being a holiday some celebrate it on 25th December but for some people celebration start from 6th December. As per French Christmas tradition children leave their shoes in front of fireplace, in the hope that Santa Clause better known as Pere Noel (in France) fill it with small gifts, chocolates, toffees, candy, fruits and other things. In other regions pere fouettard who come and give punishment to bad children or naughty ones. There is another very important part of Christmas evening to attend the special huge feast called le Reveillon which means wake up or revive. This is symbolic awareness about Jesus Christ birth but only few France families following this event.

Xmas in France contains some special dinner menu which again depends like some like to have turkey, capon, chicken, goose and white pudding and in tradition dessert they have choices like la buche de noel which is log shaped cake made of chocolate and nuts. La pain calendeau, la galette des rois which is round cake, it in pieces and distributed by a child of the family.

Decorations are the another important part of this festival, sapin de noel is the main decoration which is about apples, paper flowers and ribbon in homes, streets, shops, offices and factories. Mistletoe is a hanging above the door during Christmas season and it said to be for good luck and good fortune throughout the year.

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