Christmas in Germany

Christmas in Germany is again the awaited festival and Christmas holiday in Germany begins from 24th December to 26th December, weather is good in Germany during Christmas but snow is quite uncommon during this time, Christmas in Germany may be the best Christmas one can have. Markets are very beautiful and you can buy whatever you want and you have so much option for a particular thing. According to German Christmas traditions putting Christmas tree at home and decorate it with good material and putting Christmas gifts under it is the main course of Christmas. Children wait for Santa Claus during Christmas and wants their favorite gift in German Santa is known as Weihnachtsmann, who looks like other Santa, having big bearded, dresses in red and rides in a slay pulled by rain deer.

Christmas markets are the most beautiful part of this festival as these exciting functions start at the last of November till 24th December in bigger cities like Munich, Berlin and in smaller cities they start the market before a week ago Christmas. Christmas celebration in Germany starts with some drinks like Gluehwein, it is the most common alcohol drink during Christmas, it is a red wine and served with snacks. Gingerbread, it is the traditional bread coved with chocolate and it is easily available in market with different sizes. Nutcracker soldiers and drummers and chestnuts, it is roasted on open fire and served warm. After that special dinner which is called Christmas dinner is served and party goes on till the next day, after the holiday enjoyment and vacations next day is again a regular life.

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