Christmas in Greece

The Christmas in Greece is start on 6th December and ends on 6th January, celebration are on peak from 20th December as Christmas day gets closer. In Greece there are vast variety of events and celebrations, there are so many musical concerts, theatrical performance, and so many other cultural events. You can find the largest Christmas tree in Europe is lit in Syntagma Square, there is so many little elf houses sell candy and children have so many events to participate in, no limit to Christmas fun in Greece.

Greece is the country where traditions and customers are very important, most of the holidays celebrated traditionally in Greece, people sung carols on every morning of Christmas, New Year and eve of the Epiphany. As per Greek Christmas traditions children go from house to house singing the carol and members of the houses give them a small amount of money, as per some legend during the 12th day of Christmas goblins who known for their ugliness and mischievousness, come out to tease people and eat their foods.

Christmas celebration in Greece is very excited markets are full of lights and very attractive with bells, angels and other Christmas ornaments, houses decorated beautifully with the help of lights and paper work. There are also many skiing and winter spots available where people go and enjoy their holidays with family and friends.

Turkey is the most famous dish of Christmas but the main course of Christmas dinner is roast pork and Christmas food in Greece is very tasty and delicious.

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