Christmas in Greenland

Christmas is basically a western countries festival, but it is not at all surprising that people of all countries wait for this and celebration is also full of spirit. Family gathering, parties, cards, gift exchanging is all a part of this festival and as like other countries preparations start before few days of Christmas. Streets are all beautifully decorated with lights, houses and shops are cleaned and charmingly decorated, nativity scenes can be seen everywhere in churches and public areas.

Christmas in Greenland is celebrated beautifully, decorations of houses and offices are also commendable, one of the common decorative items are Christmas star, to hang in between windows which is easily seen in every Greenland house, as the country is next to the north pole, it receives little or almost no daylight. That is why illuminated stars are decorated in the windows of the homes and stores. Availability of Christmas tree in Greenland is not possible so people try to manage it and import it from other countries.  Decoration of trees with lights candles and ornaments. Christmas tradition in Greenland says to decorate Christmas tree on 23rd December and most traditional item of decoration is sealskin, they hanged side by side on the Christmas tree.

Christmas celebrations in Greenland is as like other countries are very good they people also prepare a special dinner like whale skin, kiviak. These people arrange some games also so that before dinner they can have little enjoyments with friends and families and after that complete it with dancing round.

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