Christmas in India

India is the populated country, it is a following a multi culture tradition, hindu and muslims basically occupy most of the part of India, but celebration of any festival in India is very interesting. Like wise, Christmas in india traditions is also celebrated with so much of happiness and enthusiasm as being a Christine’s festival. Christmas In India has been a National holiday, National, state and local government offices, schools, colleges, private offices are remain closed on this day and school children have winters holidays which start from Christmas day and they join back their schools in next year i.e. 2nd of January.

Christmas celebration in India specifically in Goa is very entertaining and enjoyable, as being a favorite tourist place every festival is celebrated in this place in advancement with taking care about the traditions and values of the festival.

Markets found very beautiful in festive seasons and Christmas follows New Year so it is the peak time for shop keepers to get more and more business so they announce discounted items, lucky draws, free gifts and many more attractive schemes to have more customers.

In festive season markets are decorated beautifully with lights and attractive themes, Christmas trees are easily available in the market, some shopkeepers hire Santa Clause around the shop that can easily grape children attention, those people dresses up properly in Santas attire like they have big beard, pot belly, long cap, red dress and bag full of toffees and chocolates.
This is the day which remind us about Jesus Christ birth and most of the Christian go to church, decorate their houses few days before Christmas, have Christmas tree at home decorate it with ribbons, lights and other accessories. Like any other festivals celebrating Christmas in India is also commendable, they have same spirit for this festival as there is no discrimination infact so much of brotherhood.

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