Christmas In Russia

Christmas in Russia Traditions is celebrated on 7th of January; it is basically a remembrance of Jesus Christ, so it is a religious event. In other countries it is celebrated on 25th December but Russian orthodox Christmas is celebrated on 7th January and it is 6 days celebration. According to orthodox tradition no one should eat or drink until the first star appears in the sky because the first star is the symbolic of the great star that led the Magi to the newly born Christ. It is called white Christmas because temperature is always cold and mostly in minus.

Christmas celebration in Russia is as like other countries is very excited people go to church, prepare special dinner, gift exchange or distribution, Christmas tree at home, decoration, games, carols and other activities. Celebration of Christmas is depending upon the wealth of people if they can spend good amount then they have celebration in big scales and in case they can’t then they involve only family members.

They people go to churches, do pray and say thanks to god for the past good experiences and expecting coming year to be happier, lucky and prosperous. Celebrating Christmas in Russia is start up parties and delicious food, as a Russian Christmas food it is not allowed to have meat instead they have special food called Kutya, it is made out of wheat berries and other grains this is said that it is stand for hope and immorality, poppy seeds and honey is symbol of happiness and prosperity.

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