Mary the mother of Jesus

Mother merry or saint mary or virgin mary or holly mother all is known as mother of Lord Jesus, it is said that she conceived her son by the command of god, when she was engaged to Saint Joseph it taken place when she was 12 years of old and after an year she became a mother of Jesus. Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the oriented Orthodox Church and Lutheran church believe that mary as a mother of Jesus, is a mother of god.

Mary mother of Jesus, is the Mother of God .Mary, more commonly referred to as Saint Mary, Mother Mary, Virgin Mary or Lady Mary Her name was Mary, a form of the name Miriam, the famous sister of Moses was a Jewish woman and Mary resided at Nazareth in Galilee.

She is identified in the New Testament as the mother of Jesus Christ through divine intervention. Mary is the mother of Jesus, Mary gave birth to her son, whom Joseph in accordance with the angels’ instruction called Jesus, the savior of the world, because he was to save his people from their sins. The Catholic Church believes the creed is support by scripture, and by the writings of many of the Church Fathers, either directly or indirectly, the main focus on Mary has occurred within Catholicism, where she is an object of worship. Mary has become the female aspiration in Christianity. Mary, the mother of Jesus was undoubtedly a great woman of Bible. She was a woman of belief, valor, modesty, eulogize, and entreaty. She was a paradigm disciple of Christ and was the woman who was chosen by God to give birth to His Son. She was a woman of a pedigree.

In Catholic tradition, Mary is most commonly referred to as the Virgin Mary because of the policy of her continuous virginity, after giving birth to Jesus she never had sexual relations with her husband, and never gave birth to more children. Many Protestants also think that Mary remained a virgin, but for most, it’s not a doctrine of faith. Likewise, some Protestants say that after Jesus she had given birth to her children some of whose names are James, Josses, Judas and Simon. Because of references to brothers and sisters of Jesus in the gospels, many believe that Mary did not remain a virgin. But she is often called the “Virgin Mary,” She was the mother taught him the ways of the Lord. No doubt, that she was the one who taught him to pray, as he grew in wisdom and importance. Mary’s deeds have taught us to have faith in Almighty God and submission to Gods plan.

People mostly Christian’s paste pictures and put Mother Mary wallpapers in their homes. Even in churches, pictures of Mother Mary are seen.However, there is still a controversy over the actual date of Jesus birth, although people over the world celebrate Jesus’ birthday on 25th December every year. She knew this was a very special baby. Consequently the prophecy ‘A virgin will become pregnant and have a son, and  he will be called Immanuel (which means “God is with us”)’ was accomplished.

There are so many mother merry wallpapers available and it is also said to keep at home at the place where people do prayers. wallpaper of mother mary and jesus can see everywhere in the market during Christmas because people like to purchase it and place it in the home. In churches also a very big and beautiful picture of mother merry along with Jesus Christ in the lap can be seeing just below the statue of Jesus Christ.

During Christmas parents tell the story of mother merry to their children to make them aware about the actual meaning and history of Christmas, culture and tradition. In schools also, teachers recite this whole chapter to students so that they can remember it for whole life. As this festival is very religious so people always like to celebrate it with tradition and enjoyment, for that they first visit churches & lighting candles, doing pray and after that star the party at home which contains cake cutting, traditional food, decoration, games, dance and participation in competitions.

Mary the mother of Jesus

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