The origin of Christmas

Origin of Christmas is celebrated in whole world in the birth memory of Jesus Christ which is true origin of Christmas. Origin of Xmas Tradition was from Greek as Christ in their language is Xrist, so they replaces Christmas in xmas. Origin of Christmas tree was in Germany in 16th centaury that time people use to decorate fir trees from all the sides with roses, apples and colored papers. Candles used to decorate the tree and make it beautiful, but it was not safe because live trees and candles can be dangerous, so later on they invented lights to decorate tree and it was the origin of Christmas lights.

There are so many sayings about carols, but origin of Christmas carols was in England in 1840s, when prince Albert of Germany married Victoria of England and the English peasants wants to impress the couple by his singing from that time onwards it is followed as Christmas carols and is said to be the best way to express the feeling in words.

The story of Christmas begins with the birth of Jesus Christ. It is supposed that Christ was born on 25th, although the exact date, the true origin of Christmas is unknown, as some say it’s sixth of Jan.  December was likely chosen so the Catholic Church could compete with rival pagan rituals held at that time of year and because of its closeness with the winter solstice in the Northern hemisphere, a traditional time of celebration among many ancient cultures.

The origin of the carousing of Christmas and Epiphany, and their dates on which they are observed, are entrenched profoundly in the history of the church. There have been much intellectual discussions and debates regarding the exact date of the birth of Jesus. The finest ballpark figure is the springtime of the birth if Christ, somewhere amid the years 6 and 4 BC.

Christmas, literally meaning the Mass of Christ, mentioned as a conventional holiday in the Christian calendar. Christmas is also commemorated as a secular holiday all over the world, including countries with small proportion of Christian populations like in India. 
Christmas is the most celebrated festival amongst all the festivals and holidays of Christian Church year.  While observe in some church liturgies, there was petite way of gift giving and family celebration that was viewable some of the church liturgies marking the holiday season.  Initially Christmas was an ordinary working day. 

The relatively recent phenomenon according to modern religious culture is the celebration of this holiday season. Christmas has now become an esteemed Christian culture and is highly valued even surpassing the most Holy Day of Christianity, Easter or Resurrection Sunday.

The acknowledged conclusion of the origin of Christmas is that it was instigated in Roman culture, during that time people used to celebrate the winter solstice on December 25. It was also a pagan celebration of the birth of the sun. This manifested the transform of seasons assuring springtime and rejuvenation of the world. Initially Christians were hesitant to partake in the celebrations of pagan. With the coming of fourth century, Christians commenced to celebrate the birth of Jesus, so it is liable that Christmas was as an alternative to the pagan adherence of the winter solstice.

The origin of Christmas trees, origin of Christmas carols, Christmas lights, Christmas stockings,  Christmas ornaments, Christmas traditions all are allied to the birth if the lord Jesus as-  He was born in the woods, He used to murmur hymns in a blended language of both English and Latin, He brought the new blessed  life, the three men gifted him the stockings, people decorated the stable with the ornaments where He was born and this all became the tradition and exists even now also.

 The ancient Romans celebrate every year honoring their God Saturn.  The event called Saturnalia, commenced in the middle of December and stretched until the first week of January.  The Romans festooned their homes with ornaments similarly trees by hanging candles. 

The history of Christmas is a plain tale, told since many ages. To reiterate it in new words than are written in the Bible will be like putting my words into your mouth and simultaneously deviating you from the precise truth, but virtually everything is open to several interpretations.

Origin of xmas ornaments taken place to make the Christmas tree more attractive with starts, candles or lights, fruits, ribbons. As everyone knows that Santa was very kind and helpful person he always help the needy person, once he knew that in village there is man who has 3 daughters but he cannot marry their daughters as he is not having money, so he went to his home late in the night and wants to give them money but he was not getting the right place suddenly he saw some socks hanging near the chimney and put the gold coins in those socks and that was the origin of Christmas stocking

The origin of Christmas

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