Free Christmas Decorating Ideas

All of us love Christmas decorations. You have been decorating your home and Christmas trees with Christmas ornaments since many years no matter what has been the range. This year, the gusto for Christmas decorations will be a phenomenon if you get Free Christmas Decoration Ideas for kids, absolutely free. For these free Christmas decoration patterns you will have to assemble the raw material such as - 14 used Christmas cards, White Glue, Yarn in Christmas colors, Yarn needle, Scissors, Small but sharp-pointed scissors, sharp awl or similar item to poke holes through two cards glued together, Crochet Hook- optional - for Free Christmas Decoration Ideas images this festival season.
At first, pencil in a hexagon on paper and six squares to be fastened to the six sides of the hexagon. Cut out the patterns. Mark out the patterns on the back of two old Christmas cards and cut out these patterns to use as templates. Map out your templates and then cut out 12 sides and 2-bottom pattern portion from the front of old Christmas cards. Paste two sides together, with the pictures facing outwards on each side. Do the same for bottom pieces. Let the glue dry.

Poke holes all round the edge of every pattern piece. These are sewing holes used to frame each piece with blanket stitch. Make the holes about 1/4 inch apart and about 1/4 inch from the edge. Bring your yarn and sew a blanket stitch all around each pattern piece. When you have finished edging with blanket stitch, begin sewing all the sidepieces to the bottom, then sewing all the sides together. Now your Christmas card basket is complete. In this way, you can prepare a lot of patterns or ornaments patterns at you home with little effort which cost very low.

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