Children Christmas Games

Christmas is all about get together, spending quality time with friends & family and enjoyment. Enjoyment is incomplete without games. Children love playing games with their mates; we have so many Christmas games for children like pass the ornament game, littlest angel, tongue twister, unwrap the gifts.    

The most favorite Christmas game for kids would be ‘pass the ornament game’ in which straw and ornaments cut outs required in different shapes like star, circle, tree or any attractive shape, in this there is no use of hands participant’s need to pass on the paper shapes in team by inhaling and exhaling on the straw to release the papers.  

Littlest angel should be most adopted in childrens christmas games for a party because this game basically motivate or teaches to children to do charity or kindness work for others. Which include making sister or brother’s bed, serving meal and other activities.

In tongue twister, basically 4-5 Christmas funny phrases are selected and participant needs to say each phrase 3-4 times as much as fast they can say, children who is very fast and correct will be the winner and win the game and as a price we can give one toffee or sweet.

Unwrap the gifts is most entertaining game, in this game there is direct competition between two teams the team who will unwrap the gift first will be the winner. So its basically a challenging game which tells about the completion spirit and winning attitude. In this game one has to be fast and cleaver to win the game.

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