Family Christmas Games

There are lots of games which make the celebration more enjoyable like family christmas games activities that all are musical chair, X-mas tree decoration, gift wrapping, family christmas gift exchange games.

Musical chair is very interesting game and it is basically plays with music, in this game as much as members you have that much enjoy and fun u can get. This game require chairs and music player, participant needs to sit on the chair, once the music starts everyone needs to run in a circle and as music stops everyone needs to take their seat and the person who remains standing will be out of the game, like this only this game continue till they get their winner.

Christmas tree decoration is also very interested game and this is specifically a family christmas games christmas eve it is basically a participative game in which volunteers come and do the decoration with sparkles, ribbons, gifts, lights and toffees.
Gift wrapping as name sounds something relevant to gift and its packing, in this game one needs to pack the gift as much as fast he can. To make it more difficult and interesting we can apply some conditions like use of one hand or with blind eyes. Main motive behind this games and gathering is to enjoy the time to the fullest because its difficult to everyone meet on regular intervals only on festivals or special events they can catch up, so they want to have memorable time which they can enjoy till they get the next opportunity.

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