Christmas Hymns

Christmas celebration looks incomplete without Christmas Hymns and Carols. Christmas hymns are religious songs that sung in church on the festive season of Christmas. The exact history of Christmas hymns is not known but is believed that the Christmas hymns started in the 4th century. The Christmas carols are the songs that are sung while dancing in a circular manner. The exact history of Christmas Carols is also not known but they become popular in 14th century. The Christmas Carols are the soul of Christmas celebrations. People sing Christmas carols in a joyous manner. 

The Christmas hymns are sung in church and are mostly about Christmas, Christ child and mother Merry. There are thousands of Christmas hymns. The Christmas hymns are of many types. The Christmas hymns for children are taught to children to make them know their culture. The Christmas Hymns for weddings are for Christmas weddings. Some of the Christmas hymns have a story behind them. These songs show the religious aspect of the biggest festival of Christmas. Christmas carols are also enjoyed at the Christmas parties. You can find these Christmas hymns in the Christian religious books and on various websites. A few of Christmas hymns are listed below.

  1. A Babe Is Born In Bethlehem  
  2. A Meteor Bright Its Wondrous Light  
  3. All Glory To God In The Sky.
  4. Angels We Have Heard On High   
  5. As Shadows Cast By Cloud And Sun
  6. Christmas Is Your Birthday Lord
  7. Cradled In A Manger  
  8. Ding Dong Merrily On High
  9. Hark From On High Those Blistful Strains!
  10. I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day    

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