Christmas Island

Christmas Island is a wonderful territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean. It is located in the Indian Ocean, 380 km south of Java and 2,650 km north-west of Perth. Christmas Island is one of the worlds significant seabird islands, with thousands of seabirds. The nearest point on the Australian mainland is Northwest Cape which lies approximately 1,565 km to the south-east.

The Island has an area of 135 square km. The island also supports over 20 land crab species, including an expected 50 million red crabs who shape and maintain the health of the islands unique rainforests. It is in Southeastern Asia, island in the Indian Ocean, south of Indonesian.

Transportation Christmas Island Airports is an airport located on 2,600 kilometers (1,600 mi) northwest of the Western Australian city of Perth, 500 km (310 mi) south of the Indonesian and 975 km (606 mi) east-northeast of the Cocas Islands. And by Railways its 18km and by Roadways its 140 km. Christmas Island is famous for its Flora and fauna, Red Crabs, fishing. Christmas Island Tourism depends upon the Christmas Island resorts, Christmas Island hotels and Mostly people visit at the of Christmas at Christmas Island Resorts, Christmas Island Hotels.

Christmas Island present an ideal breeding environment for an open array of sea birds. There are eight species of seabirds inhabiting on the island. The prevalent Christmas Island Frigate birds take wings on the sapphire sky tendering a panoramic view and pristine vista in the midst of, out of the world beauty. There are several other places to travel around for the fun during Christmas breaks. Christmas Island national Park is one of them precisely termed as the ornithological garden of Even. Christmas Island put forward some wonderful boulevard in the beautiful forests, plus exhilarating escapade sports like diving, fishing, surfing and snorkeling.

Christmas Island

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