Christmas Mistletoe

Since times immemorial, mistletoe has been an emblem of love, serenity and munificence. Mistletoe is an interesting plant; botanically categorized to be an airborne scrounger, having no roots of its own and lives on to the tree that it appends itself and cannot survive without it. As it grows on the branches of a tree by infiltrating its roots to take up nutrients, moreover few kinds of Mistletoe indulge in the process of photosynthesis. These are mostly admired as a Christmas decoration item.

Christmas Mistletoe tradition has been passed since ages and is allied to many beliefs. It is considered as one of the most miraculous, mystifying, and sanctified plants of European folklore. Amongst its copious features, it has the power to bequeath life and fecundity plus to treat a person of poison intake and used as an aphrodisiac. The tradition of employing mistletoe to bedeck homes on Christmas days takes us back to the era of Druids. The concept of Christmas mistletoe kiss is assumed as a deviation of the kissing ball tradition of the 18th century.

Christmas Mistletoe clipart is the most fortuitously romantic among all Christmas plants, and by tradition it is hung above the front entrance. It is a signal that if a couple meeting under this very plant exchanges a kiss their love and relationship becomes endearing. Moreover, it’s a lovely enunciation to any Christmas stationery and decoration giving these a whimsical touch.


Christmas Mistletoe

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