Christmas Mistletoe Facts

The mistletoe plant information says that a twig of mistletoe plant is allied to the Christmas holiday since an era. The power of mistletoe is still mysterious as it makes everyone kissable around the festival time - whether it is a friend, a relative, or even an alien.

Mistletoe facts and myths are that it has been an emblem of love, tranquility and benevolence. Mistletoe is an interesting plant; botanically categorized to be an airborne scrounger, having no roots of its own and lives on to the tree that it appends itself and cannot survive without it. As it grows on the branches of a tree by penetrating its roots to take up nutrients, moreover few kinds of Mistletoe indulge in the process of photosynthesis. These are mostly admired as a Christmas Still; it is found growing on trees, as a parasitic plant.

One of the Mistletoe legend facts are the tradition of Mistletoe is allied with the Christmas festival since ages, there are also various legends linked with this plant. Normally the numinous power of mistletoe has long been at the center of the admired legends. One of the most accepted fact of the Christmas Mistletoe Legend is allied to the Goddess Frigga. It is believed that the Mistletoe was the holy plant of Frigga, the goddess of love and the mother of Balder, the god of the summer sun.

Some of the mistletoe kids facts are humorous and hilarious on which during Christmas time kids share amid each other and burst out loads of laughter. The dwarf mistletoe doesn’t have to rely solely on thumbing a lift to find a host tree. The seeds of the dwarf mistletoe can detonate from ripe berries and shoot as far as 50 feet.

In spite of its parasitic tendencies, mistletoe has been an innate part of hale and hearty forest ecosystems for millions of years.

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