Christmas Superstitions

There are many religions in the world and countless festivals. Every religion or festival has some superstitions. These superstitions are to be followed to avoid bad luck and to gain good luck. These superstitions are traditional and have been instructed to be followed for a long time. Christmas also have some superstitions traditions and beliefs that are used for divinations and future predictions pertaining to it. According to such superstitions many things are classified as bad or good for the coming year.

The Christmas superstitions around the world are followed by Christians and even many non Christians do believe in these Christmas superstitions. Some Funny Christmas superstitions are very interesting and you will find enjoy these. Christmas has many dimensions of celebrations and these superstitions are also one of its dimensions as it instructs you to do something in a particular way to get some good or to keep evil away from you and your family. The history of these superstitions is very old and these Christmas superstitions developed over a period of time.

You can also follow these superstitions if you want but knowing these is also very interesting. Therefore we are giving a list of such Christmas superstitions.

  1. All pets were fed after dinner with the spirit to leave no living thing hungry on Christmas Eve.
  2. Christmas candles should be left burning until Christmas morning and should rest undisturbed from time of lighting until they are snuffed.
  3. Christmas dinner consisted of nine dishes.
  4. Everyone is given an apple after dinner, which is then cut in half lengthwise. If the core is star-shaped, the company is sure of meeting again safely next year. If anybodys core is in a different shape, his death is predicted within twelve months time. The appearance of four-point cross was a particularly bad omen.
  5. Give a present on Christmas Eve, prosperity will not leave you.
  6. Good luck followed those who found a holly bush loaded with berries while removing Christmas greenery.
  7. It is unlucky to do any unnecessary work on Christmas Day.
  8. It is unlucky to sing Christmas carols at any time other than during the festive season.
  9. Look to the shadows cast by those gathered round the fire on Christmas night if any of these shades appears to lack a head that person will die within the year.
  10. Never give shoes for Christmas gifts.
Christmas Superstitions

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