Christmas symbols

Christmas is the global festival and is most widely celebrated as it is observed as the birthday of Lord Jesus. Apart from traditions, significance, customs and rituals, there are some of the exciting different icons and merry christmas symbols that are allied with Christmas. In fact, these things have become an essential part of the Christmas celebration, through these symbols the feeling of the commencement of Christmas comes into existence. Emblematically, this is what Christmas mean to masses.

As the Christmas approaches the markets and the stores start decorating and desperately stocking up the Christmas material and goods from dresses, cakes, trees, decoration material, bells to everything. One can find from a needle to a sword associated with the festival of Christmas in the markets. People are in rapture and jump for joys as the festive season is on the verge to seize position. Prior to the authentic carnival, Christmas decorations indicate the onset of the holiday season. Moreover, with approaching of this festive season, souks begin to hoard all the hottest outdoor decorations in conjunction with the previous preferential. The nativity landscape also needs a sea change makeover as to give it a ubiquitous look on the occasion. Christmas is the occasion when you beautify your sweet home with, in vogue and eye grabbing Christmas decoration. At this time, markets are jam-packed with a big variety of conspicuous and fashionable Christmas decorations as everyone selects the best ornaments to embellish their domiciles.

There are many traditional symbols of Christmas. Some of the popular christmas symbols pictures are Christmas Candles, Christmas Carols, Christmas Star, Christmas tree, Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Flower, Christmas Angels, Santa Claus, Three Wise Men, Yule Log, Saint Nicholas, Rudolf; Gift giving they all are traditional symbols of Christmas. Every Christmas symbols have meaning as the Stars of all sizes symbolize the divine Christmas Star that made its appearance when the Christ was born and Christmas angel ornaments are symbolic of divine angels.

These symbols have their own significance that makes them an important part of Christmas. A compiling list of few of the Christmas symbols and custom:-

  1. christmas symbols wreath - Wreath comprises of four candles. Each one is lit on every Sunday before Christmas in welcoming Christs birthday.
  2. Angel - shepherds came to know about the birth of Jesus by an Angel.
  3. Bells - These bells proclaim the birth of Jesus and is believed to alarm away the evil spirits.
  4. Christmas Lights - The lights represent Christ as being the "Light of the World."  
  5. Manger - The manger represents the Jesus place of birth.
  6. Evergreen Tree - The evergreen coniferous tree was decorated by the pagans on the occasion of the winter solstice.
  7. Jesus - Christmas is recognized as the birth of Jesus. Christians believe Jesus is the son of God and the savior of the world.
  8. Joseph - Joseph is the husband of Mary.
  9. Mary - The mother of Jesus.
  10. Santa Claus - The Santa Claus is certainly one of the most essential and admired Christmas symbols, known to give gifts on Christmas.
  11. Christmas Stocking - The Christmas stockings are used to receive gifts from Santa Claus by children.
Christmas symbols

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