Christmas Symbols and Traditions

Christmas symbols and traditions have their own significance and history. The origins of Christmas Symbols and traditions are hundreds of years old. Every Christmas tradition and symbol is associated with an event in the history.

Christmas tree:  In the fourth century, Germans wanted to prove that the oak’s tree is not a sacred tree. So they removed every bush from the ways but incidentally they missed one fir sapling. The Saint Boniface declared this a miracle and the tree of Christ child and thereafter on subsequent Christmases, people put fir trees at their home.

Santa Claus: There was a Saint name Saint Nicolas who used to bring gifts for the kids on Christmas. But he was banished from all the European countries. The German modifies his name as Saint Nick and made it a tradition. They gave Santa a red dress for kids like this color very much.

Christmas Candles: Christmas candles are lit to show path to child Christ on Christmas Eve as it is believed that on Christmas child move from one house to another for giving blessings.

Christmas Stockings: The tradition of Christmas stockings is also very old. Actually once, Saint Nicolas tried to help a poor family having three daughters. He dropped gold coins from the chimney of the house which fall into the stockings hanging there for drying. Since then it has become a tradition for the kids to keep stockings in expectancy of the Santa’s arrival so that he would fill the stockings with the gifts and sweets.


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