Christmas Symbols around the World

Christmas Symbols are symbols of beliefs and traditions. These are actually some objects that are connected with Christmas religiously or traditionally. These symbols are considered lucky and auspicious. These symbols are used by the people around the world in Christmas decorations. Following are the Xmas symbols around the world.

  1. Christmas tree:  This is a fir tree that has been considered one of the most important symbols of Christmas since the start of the festival. People bring it home and decorate it with lights, silver and golden linings, lights and with many other types of ornaments.
  2. Santa Claus: This obviously most famous Christmas symbol around the world and is liked by the kids very much for its generosity.
  3. Christmas Star: It is also one of the most important symbols of Christmas. According to the seven legends, it is related to the birth of Jesus Christ. People put it at the top of the Christmas tree. 
  4. Mistletoe: It is believed to have special healing powers. It is a custom that people standing under it can kiss each other.
  5. Candy Canes: Candy Cane is also a very popular Christmas symbol around the word.
  6. Holly Plant: This is considered auspicious and is believed to bring luck and security to the family members.
  7. Christmas rose: It is most favorite Christmas symbol of the people around the world. It is used for Christmas decorations.
  8. Christmas bells: The Christmas bell is one of the famous Christmas symbols. It is believed that the sound of Christmas bell scare away the evil spirits. It’s sound also declares the birth of Jesus. 

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