Top 10 Christmas Toys

Christmas is just stepping in and its time and again to fill your shopping bags with loads of Christmas items. It is an ideal time to give the little ones extraordinary presents and bring that expression of ecstasy and excitement on their faces, while tearing up the wrappers of their gifts early on Christmas morning. We endow you with the Top 10 Christmas toys for 2012 which are going to help you in making you the favorites of those, to whom you are going to give Christmas gifts.

Hot Christmas Toys are: 2nd Generation iPad, Money Soap, Nintendo DSi XL, Zhu Zhu, Pets, Syma S107, Remote Control Helicopter, Spy Net Video, Watch, LEGO Technic Snow Groomer, LED Color Morphing Nonstop, PlayStation, Sing-A-Ma-Jigs, Bigfoot - The Monster, Barbie Video Girl, Zhu Zhu Hamsters.

Popular Christmas Toys for Girls are Barbie Dolls, Bed Time Story Book, Puzzle Games, Teddy Bears, Painting Set, Fairy Dress, Roller Skates, Tiny Make-up kit, I-Pods.

Top Christmas Toys for toddlers incorporate activity centers, push button toys, educational blocks of different contours and colors, Blocks, walkers and toys that have string attached, animated storybook pads, rocking chair and many more.

Top Christmas Toys for Kids:

  • Best Christmas toy for children can be potters wheel, musical instruments, and a set of crayons and simple craft kits.
  • Detective toys and fantasy toys would be apt.
  • Gizmos like vision glasses, laser torch and Spiderman masks are well liked.
  • A doctor set, a spy game or an astronaut kit.
  • Remote-controlled helicopters and cars come in all ranges and children love to check their limits on all surfaces.
  • Handheld quiz games will help to increase general knowledge and awareness of your kid.
  • A toy laptop for this Christmas would also be a great idea.

The popular Christmas toys for teenagers are :

  • If your adolescent is a brilliant reader, why not gift him/her a series of novels like Chicken Soup for the Soul series.
  • If your teenaged likes Skating, get him/her enrolled in a professional Skating club would be the best Christmas gift for lifetime.
  • Subscriptions of a teen magazine would be a pleasant gift for your teenage child and will help in this transitory age.
  • A good collection of music will be a nice idea, also keep consider your child’s taste.

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