Christmas Reception Activities

Merry Christmas! This is a season to have a celebration and play some things. Decorations become easy when you have the children to make snowflakes and hang them on the ceiling.

A delightful thought on a Christmas wedding is to bestow every guest Christmas knick-knacks that will enable them to memorize your wedding each following year. A tag amid your names and your wedding date can be affixed to each.
Christmas reception activities must be the replica of verve and vigilance. Fun and festive feel should be able to tap and boost the enthusiasm and cheerful spirit of the season. It should reflect the heart of Christmas as well as the romanticism of a wedding. Your activities should be full of fun and should be allied with the theme.

Depending on venue of the wedding, you can arrange several activities based on the surroundings. There can be a myriad of activities that you can plan out.

Christmas Wedding Reception Activity Ideas:   

  • Pictures are an essential part of any wedding. One fun idea that many brides use is to take photos of all and sundry at the wedding.
  • You can plan games and activities based on the theme and carry that theme if part of the reception is inside as well.
  • Luminaries along the driveway to the reception as well as the walkways are a cheap and attractive decoration.
  • Use clear balloons, not white ones for a wedding. They are ethereal and lovely.
  • Take bridal netting and loop through stairways, garlands, candelabra garlands, pews, balloon displays and platters or use netting and balloons for table decorations. It is very effective.
  • Also, for table centerpieces, use wreath-like candle rings, decorated with tiny Christmas ornaments and ribbon. Use scented candles, pine or cinnamon would be a nice touch.
  • Instead of the traditional bouquet toss, be creative and arrange for a wreath (fabric or real) to be thrown.
  • Stairways can be swaged with greenery roping.

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