Types of Christmas Wreath

Christmas wreaths are the symbols of spirit of Christmas. These wreaths are used by the people for decorating their houses. People hang Christmas wreaths on the walls and on the doors. The history of Christmas wreaths is very old but no one knows the exact origin of Christmas wreaths. The Christmas wreaths have been modified many times since its inception.

There are many types of Christmas wreaths people use today. Some of the Christmas wreaths Types are explained below.

  1. Floral Christmas wreath:  Floral Christmas wreath is made with many kinds of flowers, twigs, leaves, fruits and some decorative material. These Christmas wreaths are most popular ones and are much in demand on Christmas.
  2. Christmas candy wreaths: Christmas candy wreaths are made with hard Christmas candies and with some decorative material like tinsel garland. This is best Christmas wreath for kids.
  3. White Christmas wreath:  This type Christmas wreath is made to give the look of snow look. It is themed Christmas wreath for white Christmas and is made with white paint, paper and silver tinsel string.
  4. Christmas ball wreath: The Christmas ball Christmas wreath is made with small shiny colorful balls put together in the shape of a ring. These are very attractive wreaths for kids. Such Christmas wreaths when hanged on living room wall add to the beauty of the room.
  5. The musical Christmas wreaths: The Christmas wreaths are made musical with an electronic bell that produces Christmas tunes when switched on.
  6. Lighted Christmas wreaths: The Christmas wreaths are made with strings of lights that give bright light when switch on. The multicolored lights used on the wreaths give them fantastic look and such Christmas wreaths are good to use at door and windows.  

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